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Online Education for all levels

Quality Mentoring

Technical Analysis

You will learn how to identify great market structures and trading setups

Fundamental Analysis

You will learn how to trade data releases and to trade Central Bank decisions

Trading Psychology

Our methodology will allow you to reach consistency in a short period of time

Our success is based on a very strict strategy and on a high-level risk management

We don't trade if requirements to trade are not met

Conservative trading with strict risk protection

Meet US

We are a group of professionals coming from the educational business and the investing banking industry. Our experience, +30 years experience in education and +10yr experience in Trading at top international institutions allows us to provide quality resources to our students. Our passion and motivation to bring profitable traders to the financial markets shape our signature. 

We seek excellence so we accompany our students in every step of their trading career in the pursuit of profitability. 


To be the best online educational trading firm in all the continents.


Our customers are at the heart of our business. Our mission is to constantly monitor and improve our services, and to create a dynamic and rewarding experience for all our students.


listening to customers, innovation, loyalty, integrity, honesty, fairness to all, leading the way, learning from our mistakes, challenging the norms are some of our values.

To summarise, we are priced competitively and, importantly, all courses are taught by professional experienced traders. Iberia supports traders of all levels, offering group courses, support webinars and IT support. As the trainers trade for a living themselves, they understand the real day-to-day challenges that our students face - and can address them.